The dashboard is the face of your car interior and requires quite a bit of care. Advantage Dashboard Polish beautifies and Protects all Vinyl & Leather Surface.
Advantage Tyre Shine gives deep and rich shine to the tyre side walls and protect from fading the tyres.
Advantage Glacé Wheel Cleaner is specially formulated combination of cleaning agents which removes dirt, dust and grime. It is safe to use a tyres and suitable for use on aluminium, steel and plastic wheel
Advantage Glyn Wax is a super specific protective Spray Car Wax made of excellent raw materials. It can remove thoroughly the smudges on the automobile surfaces and efficiently polish, prevent damages, greases, tar and ultraviolet radiation etc. Possession of ability to resist water, prevent static electricity and deterioration. Provides a long lasting cleaning to automobiles..

Advantage Krysta Glass Cleaner is an easy to use formula which effectively removes grime, oily traffic film, tree sap and insect deposits, gently polishes out light scratches and helps to reduce wiper judder. Ideal for use on all interior and exterior glass surfaces, including windows, lights, mirrors; this advanced formula is also suitable for use on hard plastic, such as indicators lenses and tail lights.
Advantage Car Freshners are the delightful way to quickly achieve a long lasting, pleasant and fresh aroma to strike your senses. Refreshes the air and eliminates the odors at the same time..

• SNo Alcohol, Green and Eco-friendly
.• Safe and Hygienic
Clarus with citrus fragrance. Ideal for high quality XENON head lamps and light defusing plastic head lamps in clear glass optic. Suitable for fan spray nozzle.
Add a splash of color to any steering wheel with Advantage Steering Wheel Covers.
Visibility is fundamental to safe driving. Although drivers depend on their vehicles’ wiper blades to clear away rain, sleet and snow. Advantage Wiper Blades can maximize visibility, efficiency and reliability.
Advantage Car Floor Mats are eco-friendly, durable, all weather floor mats used to protect your car floor from stains and debris. The backing of our auto floor mats is made from 92% recycled rubber tires, providing for an eco-friendly way to add new auto mats.
Cleaning is much easier when you use Advantage Microfibre Cloths. Microfiber is perfect for any car care enthusiast or professional, they have a vast range of uses including: Removing Wax, Removing Polish, Removing Sealants, Quick Detailing, Cleaning Interior, Cleaning Glass, Drying your Vehicle.